The Secret of the Sphinx

Footliters Traveling Playhouse - The Secret of the Sphinx

Designed for students at all levels of theatre experience, campers will audition, rehearse, and perform a musical alongside three professional teaching one week! 

The Secret of the Sphinx is a brand new production with a script by Katie Colletta and original music by Jason Sifford.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Join us on a time-traveling adventure to Ancient Egypt! A class of unsuspecting students are in for a wild adventure when they are mysteriously transported to the banks of the Nile. Along with their (perhaps overenthusiastic) teacher, they'll come face to face with talking cats, skeptical Greek philosophers, and the Great Pyramid itself. But there's trouble in the air! The Sphinx's nose keeps disappearing, and Pharaoh's had it with his bewildered Egyptian artisans. With time running out, can they work together to solve The Secret of the Sphinx?  

A Performance for Your Community

The Secret of the Sphinx culminates in a public performance of our one-act musical for members of your community. We'll prepare the kids — we'll even bring the costumes, sets, and songs! You sell tickets, throw open the doors, and welcome the crowd!

The Footliters Traveling Playhouse Experience

We believe theatre is for everyone. Each student receives a role, a costume, and the support they need to shine in this performance. Our team has decades of experience creating welcoming, engaging children's theatre programs. 

From the first rehearsal to the final curtain, we believe theatre should be educational. We'll be teaching every student skills like projection, improvisation, creative problem solving, and how to work together to tell a story. We'll also be learning about ancient Egypt, and exploring some of the most fascinating (and sandy!) corners of history.

A Note about COVID

We understand! Right now, everything is different. Our goal is to make Footliters Traveling Playhouse the right fit for your needs. The capacity for Summer 2022 has been returned to 60 students per camp. Although we can't take more students than that, you can choose to limit registrations based on your COVID precautions. Our teaching artists will generally rehearse with masks. We encourage communities to encourage masking during rehearsals to protect students and teaching artists. However, we do not require that all students be masked during rehearsal or performance.