Get Involved

Join the City Circle family!

We are a community theatre in the heart of Coralville, and it takes a whole community to make this theatre possible. From performers to fundraisers, from technicians to musicians, there's a place for you at City Circle. Check out the information below on how to get involved. For information on a specific production, you can visit the production page to learn more.

  1. Actors & Performers
  2. Crew & Tech
  3. Directors & Designers
  4. Orchestra & Accompanists
  5. Board & Committees


Everyone is welcome! Whether this is your first time auditioning or you've just completed your national tour, we'd love to have you in the City Circle family. Auditions are open to all. 

To learn more about audition times and information, visit the production page for an upcoming show. If you have general questions about auditioning, we're happy to help! The easiest way to reach us is to e-mail City Circle. If you have questions about a specific audition or production, there's a contact listed on the production page. They'll be able to answer any questions you have.