Rental Rates & Fees

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We can help! We have many options to make renting affordable for organizations of all sizes.

Rental Rates

Host your event in a full-service theatre backed by a decade of experience turning dreams into performances! The rental rates below are currently in use at the CCPA. We encourage you to chat with us, especially if theatre rental rates look scary! There are lots of ways we can help you present your event and balance the books. Let us help you bring your event to the stage!

About our 2022 rental rate changes

In 2022, our rental rates made a significant jump, and we want our renters and community to understand why. The CCPA rental formula was developed when the theater opened in 2011. It remained unchanged, with small increases to the rate most years. In 2021, as we prepared to re-open to renters after our COVID-19 closure, we re-evaluated that formula and found that it wasn't keeping up with the Center's true costs. We re-built our rental formula to ensure that the CCPA would be on sound financial footing for the next ten years of stories on our stage. It is mission-critical to us to be an affordable, accessible venue for organizations and events of every size. We have been intentional about keeping our rates close to the true cost of operating our facility, and subsidizing them through grant and donor funding. We can work with you to explore options that make your event affordable and successful!