Footliters Classes Policies

Student Policies

This section applies to Young Footliters students and responsible adults. Please contact Education Supervisor Katie Colletta with any questions.

Registering for Classes

Students must complete a registration for each class, camp, workshop, or course (hereafter, “activity”) they attend. Students are only registered for an activity when they receive a registration receipt. 

For all activities, students can register:

  1. Online, at
  2. By calling Education Supervisor Katie Colletta at 319.248.9312

For most activities, students can also register by calling the Coralville Recreation Center at 319.248.1750. Some special sessions may not be available for phone registration through the Recreation Center.

Age Requirements

To promote a positive learning experience for all students, students must fall within the age ranges listed for each activity. On a case-by-case basis, the Education Supervisor may approve a younger student with sufficient experience to join a slightly older activity, or an older student with special circumstances to attend a slightly younger activity. Registering a student for an out-of-age activity can only be completed by calling 319.248.9312.

Waitlist Policy

Young Footliters Education activities will maintain a waitlist after an activity reaches capacity. If openings occur in the activity, wait-listed students will receive a phone call with the opportunity to join the activity. Phone calls will be made in the order of the waitlist. When possible, wait-listed students will be given 24 hours to reply to the phone call to accept the open position. However, when an activity is close to beginning, Young Footliters reserves the right to call down the entire waitlist until a wait-listed student accepts enrollment.

If a sufficient number of students register for the wait list, Young Footliters may try to add an additional section of the activity to accommodate more students. If an additional section is added, wait-listed students will be contacted by email so they have an opportunity to enroll before the new section is announced to the public.

For multi-day activities such as week-long camps or semester-long classes, it is not usually possible to add waitlisted students if an opening occurs after the course has begun. 

Students can register for the Wait List though the same options described above under Registering for Classes.

Class Payment

Young Footliters Youth Theatre is made possible in part by activity and participation fees. We have scholarships available for any student in need.

Payment must be made at the time of registration. Payment is made through the Coralville Recreation Department ActiveNet system. If paying by check or cash, responsible adults will need to visit the Recreation Center during business hours to complete registration.


ID YF2334
Young Footliters Youth Theatre believes that theatre is for everyone. Our scholarship program covers up to the full cost of all Young Footliters programs for students that need financial assistance. Young Footliters raises funds to make sure resources are available for all students in need.

To learn more about scholarships, and to apply, visit the Scholarships page.

Program Cancellation / Refund Policy

ID YF2335
If Young Footliters cancels a program, production, class, or activity, prior to the beginning of the activity, all fees will be refunded to the registrants. If a multi-day activity must be canceled in the course of the activity, at least a portion attributable to the canceled portion of the activity will be refunded.

Student Withdrawal / Refund Policy

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To withdraw and request a refund, contact the Education Supervisor at 319.248.9312 or

Camps and classes with a fee of $100 or greater include a $25 non-refundable fee. This fee is retained by Coralville Parks & Recreation if a student withdraws for any reason at any time after registration. The fee covers the credit card and registration software costs for enrolling and withdrawing the student. 

Except for the the non-refundable fee, (or for programs of less than $100 without a non-refundable fee), the following policies apply:

  • A student may withdraw from any Young Footliters activity up to 7 days before the beginning of the activity for a refund. 
  • Within 7 days before the start of the program, a refund may be given at the discretion of the Education Supervisor only if another student is able to fill the empty space in the program. 
  • After the program has begun, refunds will not be given. 
    • An exception to this policy is made for semester-long classes. If a student attends the first session and decides to withdraw, a refund will be given if the request is received prior to the second session of the class.